Working hours: Mo.—Fr. 09 am.—8 pm.
Working hours: Mo.—Fr. 09 am.—8 pm.

Free SEO Analysis

Consulting and Audit

Consultation, after which you will start earning more without additional investments!

High-quality SEO optimization

We will work out an individual SEO strategy and bring the site to the top in the shortest possible time!

Speed Up Website Loading

It will help optimize the loading of the site in accordance with the requirements of Google.

Sales funnel

Analysis of the customer journey from interest to purchase.

Let's turn traffic into conversions

Development of ease of navigation for the perception of information by site visitors. Let’s think of everything! From login to purchase.

Social Marketing SMM

We competently “package” the business on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Swarm and LinkedIn social networks.

* We will contact you within 10 minutes

Be on top! Get more traffic to your website.

Marketing Stars digital holding specializes in
building sales funnels (b2b and b2c)

  • Be in the TOP 1 of Google search
  • Focus on business. Don't waste time marketing
  • We select the best promotion channels.
  • We optimize marketing processes within the company

Services ordered by your competitors

Just choose the right one or ask in the chat.

Partner Training

Aggressive SEO

SEO Audit

SERM Reputation Management

Contextual advertising

Business analytics

Building a Sales Funnel

Email Marketing

How to increase the conversion of your site?

We will provide the first position of your site in Google\Bing and a large flow of targeted visitors to the site from search engines.

Page Optimization

  • Human friendly URLs
  • Title Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Using LSI Keywords

Semantic Core

  • Creating Creative News
  • For news sites
  • For corporate websites
  • For business card sites

Content Marketing

  • Writing Sales Articles
  • Creating Creative News
  • Recording Educational Podcasts
  • Creating an Infographic

Technical SEO Audit

  • Page Indexing
  • Server Response Codes
  • Duplicate Pages
  • Server Response Time

Brand Recognition

  • To attract attention
  • Build relationship with product
  • Handling Customer Feedback
  • Lead generation

Local SEO

  • Local Link Building
  • Activity in Social Networks
  • Website Markup
  • Working with Google My Business

Mobile SEO (ASO)

  • Site optimization
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Transition to Responsive Design
  • Implementing AMP technologies

SEO Competitor Analysis

  • Definition of Competitors
  • Domain Age Determination
  • Attendance Comparison
  • Structure Analysis
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More about Us!

«MARKETING-STARS» provides a full range of Internet advertising services: SEO optimization and search engine promotion, contextual advertising, banner advertising, website development, advertising in social networks, reputation management.

We know how to sell!

Agency «Marketing-Stars» advises everyone who is looking for ways to effectively enter the Internet market, and is ready to answer questions related to website development, SEO promotion and other ways to promote sales on the Internet.

Media strategy development

We know: when, where and how often to advertise in order to achieve your goals.

Organization of marketing research

We will perform highly specialized research on customer orders.

Brand reputation management

We will carry out regular preventive measures and monitor the Internet for any information about your company.

Successful work